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Huawei P9 Exports Exceeded 10 Million

The world has exceeded 10 million sales milestone Leica dual-lens camera smartphone Huawei P9 and P9 plus. This is Huawei's first flagship model, which has sold so much.

In April last year has opened in the German camera maker Leica AG P. 9 of the device, along with Huawei made. Smartphone This partnership has created a new and improved camera in the standards. As a result, smartphone users will be able to experience the awesome taking pictures.

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A six-week, 26 million more than the global market, has exported Huawei Device P9, which has been affected in Bangladesh. Eight weeks on the market, experts, and tremendous response from customers has 9 p. In particular, camera, design, and ergonomics in terms of popularity in a short time so many have been able to get the device P. 9.
European Imaging and Sound Association (ISA) 2016-2017 smartphone from the European Consumer Award, CES Best of personal computing devices from Asia, in addition to more than a hundred international Award from Huawei received the recognition that improved smartphone cameras of the device for the P9.
Huawei P9 and P9 plus a wide range of models, as well as the success of the flagship device mate 8 and Mate 9, the ongoing success of the global market in high-end smartphones, Huawei has made. In the third quarter last 016 smartphones in the world, Huawei has exported 33.59 million, 3 percent higher than the same period of the previous.
The mid-to-high and 44 percent growth in exports of Huawei Device. Currently, 30 countries in the world, Huawei's market share more than 15 percent, 0 percent 0 countries. The UK, France and Germany, the company has been able to dominate the market amaze. 016 According to the results of the first half the year, Huawei Device has sold 77.4 billion RMB worth 41 percent more than the same period of the previous 015. Greater China market from the other devices in the market, Huawei has sold more than 1.6 times.
Huawei to discuss the company's global brand in the same way, in parallel with the increase in the efficiency of the market has moved forward. In the last 016, Interbrand's list of the top 100 brands came in 7th place. The brand Z-best 50th place in the list of 100 best brands Huawei, the company was in 70th place in the 015. According to the survey of the Consumer, on 016 brands has been recognized as the Best Consumer Electronics

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