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Everyone waiting for Nokia Upcoming Android Smartphone

Mobile World Congress 'high-end' smartphone Nokia can bring. CES fair in Las Vegas in January of this year, smartphone, after discussions with the fierce eyes smartphone the Mobile World Congress. The next two will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 7 to March of this special arrangement of technology.

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Like every year the world's biggest maker of mobile products, such as HTC, Huawei and Sony high-end smartphones, bringing this year's Mobile World Congress.On this occasion, however, all eyes will be on Nokia.

Big news in the world, Nokia 017 smartphone come back. Nokia is expecting surprises from Barcelona in Nokia. Many are predicting that Nokia smartphones like surprises are in the pipeline. There will be a range of half a dozen models. Phones will hit the market this year.

Top mobile phone maker Nokia was the market at the same time. 3310, like 8110, the company made several iconic models of the phone. But away by Apple and Samsung smartphone from Nokia is the market to go up.

Nokia will have to compete with Samsung smartphones in the world. As the world's top smartphone maker Samsung has been the target of this year's Mobile World Congress. Market analysts, however, feel that this event will not announce the Samsung Galaxy S8. This special program will be announced in March, the South Korean company's smartphones. Barcelona will be the new Samsung Tab and smartphone.

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