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France Has Found Ways To Open Windows With WannaCry

Recently, the decryption tool Malware  WannaCry has been hacked to hit 300,000 computers in 150 countries. A few researchers from France have found the only solution to open an encrypted Windows file with  WannaCry.

Security researchers spread across different countries around the world started attempts to open an encryption key, stuck in a file. Successful researchers in this endeavor say that the solution that they have solved so far can only work under certain conditions. Do not reboot the computer since the condition has been affected. In addition, the solution must be used before the file is completely locked.

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Among the researchers, internationally-known hacker Matthew Sui wrote a blog post about  WannaCry antidote. There he gave a link to the software tool Wanaka Build or Genet. He described it as the only effective solution.

He said that this tool will work in all versions of Windows. Security experts in this tool include Adrian Guinet, Benjamin Matthew Sui of France.

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