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 This Rocket will Send 15 Thousands Photos Of The Sun In Five Minutes

NASA's sound rocket 'Rais' The Rapid Acquisition Imaging Spectrograph Experiment will send 15 thousands photos of the sun every five minutes. NASA has successfully launched the rocket on Friday to find out when the sun is in, in what condition it is.

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Don Hassler, a researcher at the South-West Research Institute in Texas, said that all information was right when sending NASA's financial aid to NASA for monitoring the sun. Which has been successfully launched

The rocket has been sent to orbit 320 kilometers from the surface. His job is to focus on the movement of the sun. The rocket will keep the sun in the camera for all time. This 'Rais' will be able to take one and a half thousand photos in five minutes. NASA said that the intensity of the sun's radiation, the intensity of the magnetic field, the picture of the difference will be 'Rais'.

NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) and Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) are already working in the study of the Sun. But some of the sun's changes are rapidly changing.

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