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Top 7 Features Only Can Found In iPhone

The first public beta version of the iOS 11 operating system has opened Apple Technology As a result, all iPhone and iPad users will now be able to test their new operating system. IOS is Apple's popular operating system, so iPhone and iPad run. The 11th edition of iOS has a number of new features. It includes new control centers, refurbished cameras, advanced multitasking facilities, etc. Apart from this, there are some features that are not in the iOS operating system Android operating system. Find out about seven such features:

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Spam Message Filter: The feature of filtering spam messages or spam messages is one of the most important features of iOS 11. Artificial intelligence that has been added to the iOS 11 version filters spam messages. As a result, the smartphone is more secure.

Native Screen Recording: iOS 11 users can record content from their device's display to voice input. GIF or gift can be made using this feature. Although Samsung has the advantage on the smartphone, it is not yet operational as the main feature of the Android phone.

Message synchronize on different devices: The iOS 11 operating system's messaging application is getting Cloud support. As a result, messages will be synchronized to all Apple devices. All messages with an Apple ID can be read on any Apple device. Google's Android messaging app does not yet have the advantage.

Money Transaction: In iOS 11, the messaging app offers the benefits of bringing the money through Apple. This facility can be started by sending general messages. Android has no money transfer facility yet.

Translation in Real Time: Virtual Assistant Software Series has been improved in the iOS 11 operating system. Apple's voice-controlled assisted software can translate well during an interaction. So far this facility has been started in five languages. Siri can translate from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Easy Setup: iOS 11 users can set up a new iOS powered device near the old device quickly. Apple has not yet provided detailed information about this feature. However, the officials of the company say, keep your new iPhone or iPad from an older iOS-powered device or Mac. This will leave many personal settings and iCloud Keychain passwords fast and securely.

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