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Boat Sink On Colombia 9 Dead

Police said that at least nine people were killed in a boat sinking in a seafarer in northwestern Colombia. According to BBC online news, at least 28 people were missing on Sunday in the boat shed.

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The four-boat boat (four decks) sank 45 kilometers east of Madeleine, near the tourist town Guatap. The boat had 150 passengers. Juan Quiroz, an eyewitness, told the BBC that the boat sank in less than five minutes.

Shortly after the incident, rescuers recovered quickly after the drowning and summoning the boat. Later the army helicopters and divers were sent there.

The situation is very serious, a senior local government official told AFP news agency. More than 20 people were taken to a hospital in Guatape.

Captain Luis Bernardo Morales, the fire service involved in the rescue, said that the boat was very close to the port when it was sinking. AFP quoted him as saying, "We do not know yet, what has caused it to sink. Mechanical problems, extra passengers, or something else is being investigated.

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