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Investigation against me continues Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is under investigation in connection with the alleged Russian intervention in the US elections. But no one can prove any evidence in this regard till now in the seven-month investigation, but his administration is in a bad position.

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Meanwhile, Republican leader also criticized the second top person of the United States Justice Ministry engaged in the investigation. The news is said, in a tweet message on Friday, US President Donald Trump criticized. Trump said in a tweet that "Investigation is underway for the removal of the Central Investigation Agency (FBI) director James Comey. And a person who investigated this, who advised me to dismiss the comic!

Trump said, "It is so sad that no one could prove any evidence in the seven months of my involvement in the incident." The report also said that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also recommended the FBI's director James Comey dismissal. After the White House decided to sack the comic.

Comey was leading the investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the last presidential election in the United States. It is said, that is why the Comey was removed. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rozenstein receives the responsibility for the investigation. Later, Special Consultant Robert Muller was given the responsibility to investigate.

Meanwhile, the US press said this week that Mullen is investigating the potential obstacles to the trial against President Trump. On Thursday, various media reports said that the investigation against the trump was started in the United States for obstructing the trial process.

The investigation is being done to convince the Trump to stop the ongoing investigation work on Russian intervention over the past US elections. Robert Mueller is leading the investigation work.

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