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Iphone 8 Will be Charged Without Any Charging Port

A spokeswoman for the company of Apple tech giant Apple Tech, which is going to join the iPhone 8, confirmed this information. Customers can charge an Inductive Surface, leaving the iPhone, said the report on the technology news gadget post.

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Other smartphone makers, including Samsung, have already added wireless charging technology to several devices. But Apple's iPhone has not seen this technology anymore.

Robert Hong, chief executive of Histrion, Apple's supplier, said this year the new iPhone 8 will be available in Wireless Charging. New features like waterproofing and wireless charging now require differentiation and the anti-water feature iPhone assembly process will change somewhat.

Earlier this year, Apple has also been associated with Wireless Power Consortium. The company has also patented the Wireless Charging. So the new iPhone is being brought to Wireless Charging.

Several rumors have already been heard about the new iPhone. The Chinese site iPhone recently released some information and images about the device. Besides, the iPhone 7s dual cameras have been found in the iPhone 8.

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