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Myanmar Military Plane Crashed In Sea Over Hundreds Of Passengers

The remains of Myanmar military aircraft disappeared with hundreds of passengers have been found in the Andaman Sea. The plane was disconnected with the control room at 1:30 pm local time on Wednesday.

Among the passengers were Myanmar army and their family members. There are several children believed to have been on the plane from Miik to Yangon. Mike Tourism Officer Nang Lin Jao said a part of the plane crashed into the sea, 136 miles away from Dawei city, was recovered. Navy still continues to search in the sea.

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An army source in Myanmar told AFP that rescuers of naval ships from Yangon were found to be in the sea by a distance of one hour to find the debris of the aircraft. Different types of different types were available at different times of the aircraft. The latest update revealed that the plane had 106 passengers and crew 14 people. Air Force sources said there were many children on the plane.

Four naval ships and two air force aircraft were deployed in search of the aircraft. Now there is a rainy season in Myanmar, but no bad news was reported during the disappearance of the plane. The plane was used by the four-engine Y-Eight F 200 built in China, which is used by the Myanmar army to bring cargoes. After getting commissioned in Myanmar army in March last year, it earned 809 hours of flying time.

Myanmar has a number of plane accidents in recent times. On 5 February, an aircraft crashed in Nay Pyiou.

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