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NASA Found Ten More Earths

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope (KST) has strengthened the belief that we are not alone. Like our blue planet, Rocky more than 10 'earth' has been found. On Monday it was announced to NASA. 

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As our planet is smaller than Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus in this solar system, so new looks are found in 10 piles of earth. And those 10 piles of earth are from their stars or stars at exactly the distance, where they can be habitable. They can have life in them. And on the back of the planets or surfaces in the water can remain liquid. The stars from the stars are called the 'Goldilocks zone' It has been told from NASA that KST, which has been monitoring the 200,000 stars in the Signal constellation, discovered that there were 219 other planets. And at least 10 of those 219 planets are rocky like ours. And they are the Goldilocks With this, in the last 8 years, KST found 4,434 planes. The number of 'habitable' planets in the world such as the number of stars has increased by up to 10 percent this year.

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