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Nicole Kidman To Do On Birthday?

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is going to make 'Half Century' next week. This means that on June 20, this star's fifty birthday. But the Oscars of this artist will not be on the birthday of any majesty. This 'Birthday Girl' star will spend the birthday with some of the closest family of the family.

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Nicole said, "On this birthday, I want to travel with my husband Keith Urban and our children. However, my younger sister is also coming to support us on that day. The Oscar winning actress added i have come to Australia to meet my mother a few days ago. It is very difficult for my mother to travel so far. For this, the younger sister is coming to me in the United States with her six children.

This Australian actress married a popular actor, Tom Cruise in 1990. They announced their separation in 2001 by 11 years. Then in 2006, Nikole tied the house with singer Keith Arbanan. Two girls, Sundie and Faith, in their house. Apart from Tom Cruise, Nikol has two more children. They were, however, adopted the former couple. Of these, the marriage of 24-year-old Isabel married. And son Conor has turned 22

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