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6 Dead In China landslide, More Than 100 Missing

At least six people were killed and hundreds more in a horrific landslide in a mountain village in southwestern China's Sichuan province.

Are missing. The state news agency said, probably all of them lost their lives and were killed. Rescue workers conducted a massive search operation on Saturday.

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Around 46 homes were destroyed due to a partial collapse in the area at the local time, in the village of Sion of Mao area of Sichuan. Chinese newspaper People's Daily released a few photos of the venue. It shows that rescuers remove soil and large stones with a bulldozer to see if anyone is buried. They used large ropes in the field of stone removal and took help from dogs in the search.

Local officials said a couple and a child were rescued from the debris and sent to the hospital. While one was found alive, he was trying to rescue him till the last news was received. Due to landslides, more than one kilometer of a river and more than one and a half kilometers of road were closed.

Hundreds of police, army, and firefighters took part in the rescue. Some doctors were also present at the scene to provide immediate medical treatment. Police officer Chen Taibo said that the landslide occurred due to heavy rainfall in the last few days.

Chinese President C China Ping called on rescuers to work with all-out efforts. Officer-in-Charge Wang Yongbo said, after the earthquake of the Wenchuan, the largest landslide in their area is now known. In 2008, 87,000 people died in the earthquake.

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