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The World Is Facing Major Cyber Attacks Again

The world is facing major cyber attacks again Many organizations and organizations of different countries have been victims of this attack on Tuesday. This is the biggest attack since the last cyber attack in 74 countries last month. This year the attack was done by WannaCry Ransomware.

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One of the UK's advertising agency WPP The organization said that their IT system was attacked by Ransomware. The company's entire IT system has been crushed.

Ukraine's organizations have been victims of this attack. The main state of the country's state electricity company and capital Kiev has also been attacked. They are the first to publish the first attack. Due to this attack, the operating system based sensors are closed due to the radioactivity level of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is being monitored manually. Among the victims of this attack in Ukraine are the central bank of the country, the aircraft maker Antonov and two postal services.

Russia's oil-producing company Rosneft and Denmark's ship company said they have a hazard in the IT system of the UK and Ireland offices and other offices.

The attacks were reported in Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and France.

Professor Alan Woodward, a prominent computer scientist, said, "Today's attack is another form of the ransomware attack that took place last year.

Recorded futures spokesman Andrei Beryschevich told the BBC that they have seen malware in many forums in the last 12 months. Not to stop this attack. Because cyber-thieves find it very profitable. He said, "South Korea's proposal offered $ 1 million to get back their data. This is a lot for a cyber criminal. '

Experts say computer hacking has happened with ransomware known as WannaCry ransomware or more than one name). Ransomware is a known malware or harmful software program. The machine can be controlled if it is inserted into a computer or mobile device. This works by claiming money for release from the hackers.

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