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Who Will Be The New CEO Of Uber?

Tavis Kalanic chief executive officer of Apparel Taxi Network Uber, was unable to stop his resignation despite many attempts.He resigned on 20 June. Although his mother offered a long holiday due to his mother's death, his board did not accept it. As a result, Uber's co-founder had to leave the office of the chief executive. Now the question is, who will be the newest chief executive of the world's most expensive startup at around $ 7 billion?
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The collapse of the Kalanic would have been understood for a while. In particular, after the position of the Trump Administration's immigrant law, he fell down on his face. However, he was most in danger due to different work environment related to women workers in Uber. Needless to say, that is not good for women. After the complaint of former employee Susan Fawler, it is now proved that Uber's working environment was not good for girls. There have been many complaints against Uber in the country, which has not been able to handle the work till the end. However, Uber's investors have agreed to give Kalanic a place on the board.
After the recital, the world's most expensive startup top executives, who are supposed to be the big speculation-imagine No previous history of such speculation in the fulfillment of the top executives of any start-up can not be found.
No one is hoping that Uber's culture will change overnight. However, the investor looking for someone who can take Uber forward. The new top executive must have the experience of running multinational companies. Investors want to appoint a woman to this position. Their first choice is Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. However, Sheryl is not an airline or a logistics company. Still, Facebook's Sheryl thinks the most suitable for this post. Investors Sheryl has not said anything yet. But most experts think Sheryl will not be allowed to leave Facebook.
The second option for investors is former Yahoo CEO, Marisa Mayer. Many are hopeful about him. Because he has an experience running an institution like Yahoo. Previously did Google work, However, there are two successes and failures in his crown. The advocates of advocates for him will help Marisa's charismatic leadership and diversification-minded minds.
If you do not receive Marisa, then the former top executive of Mega Whitman will be the third choice for investors. Many believe that 60-year-old Meg can easily deal with gender discrimination issue. However, opposes of Maggie brought forward the issue of HP's downturn in the stock market.
Investors are more on the list of favorites - Banker Arora from Google, Ford CEO Mark Fields and Twitter's Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain.
However, whoever comes to this position, he will have to decide whether he will have a tradition of aggressive marketing of Uber and breaking the rules in the country. The total revenues of the Uber Worldwide were $ 3.4 billion this year, but it is still a loser institution. Uber's losses last year was $ 1.2 billion. This year it has decreased to 70 million US dollars. The new top executive has to be more aggressive for the customer or reduce international operations.
The new CEO's name may be announced at the next meeting of the Uber's Board on 28 June.

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