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Why Uber Chief Travis Kalanick Resigns?

On the first day of employment, a young woman who came to the office offered an immoral relationship, a Uber official said. Uber's senior officials did not do justice to this incident. Since then, the app based Taxi helper Network has been launched. Finally, Uber's co-founder and chief executive officer Travis kalanick had to resign. Today announced the resignation of the mayor. The organization that he has built on the ground, made the world's top technology establishment, why he resigned from there?

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In the US media, it is said that under pressure from shareholders or investors, Travis was forced to resign.

There must be a little back to find out the reasons for his resignation. Last week's talk. Travis said he was going on vacation indefinitely. After the death of the mother in the boat crash, she wanted to go on vacation.

But there was a pressure of change of leadership of the $ 6 billion 800 million US company. It is also a big problem for investors to take an indefinite vacation from the pressure.

On Tuesday, Travis said, "I love Uber more than anything else in the world. In my personal life difficult times, I am withdrawing the request of investors, so that another fight can be formed back after being defeated. 

The information released by Travis Cancun's withdrawal from Uber, which was unsettled for quite some time, was first published by the New York Times. Recently in recent months, Uber has been facing expulsion of top level officials, public relations problems.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has to be appointed by the top officials of the company. There is a complaint against the allegations of sexual assault allegations against them. Holder advised last week the redistribution of the work in the earliest times. Apart from this, the increased supervision of the board and the increased independence of the board is said to be.

Analysts say that due to the withdrawal of the cancellation, the leadership crisis will increase. The organization has 14 thousand workers and more than 10 million drivers.
The management, financial, marketing and business divisions have the crisis in the top executives. US-based analyst James Chackmack said that there is no executive at the top level in Uber.

At the beginning of this year, Uber chief executive said that his time of growing.

 Like many of the world's most valuable entrepreneurs, such as the rivalry of competing organizations, so did many of the rules of the country. Many governments, labor organizations, even their own drivers have been involved in trouble.
Of course, Uber business model has spread all over the world. Asia, Europe, and Latin America have blocked the communication sector greatly.

Travis kalanick has created an aggressive leadership picture at any cost to make her company Uber ahead. His image has become a burden in the difficult times of Uber. In July of 2016, Travis kalanick said about his negative image, 'It is not good for me or for Uber. The people I'm talking about are not good for those people. It's bad for everyone. In February of this year, in a video, Uber driver was seen to argue unnecessarily with him. Soon after, kalanick said he needed to grow.

The beginning of the motion to withdraw from Uber can be seen as a blog post in February last year. Uber's former engineer Suzanne Flour wrote a blog post of three thousand words. In this case, he mentioned about the allegations of sexual abuse, discrimination in Uber. He complained, joining as a programmer and engineer, he faced the bad experience on the first day of his job. His manager offered him the organization's internal chat system. When he told the matter to the authorities, his complaint was not taken during the time.

Suzanne wrote, about her complaint, the senior authority said that the manager's performance is good. They do not feel relieved to punish him. Because it is a sinless mistake. From then on, the way of his promotion was stopped in Uber. He has to quit his job.

His post spreads and hashtag 'delete us' becomes popular. The user removed two lakh Uber accounts. In this, Uber announced that the whole issue should be thoroughly investigated. He said that what is said here does not go with what we believe. Those who think it right and behave like this, everyone will be sacked. Human Resources Division has been asked to investigate and take action.

But this is not the end of Uber play. That blog post was just the beginning of the debate. Then, in the debate with Uber drivers.

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