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At Least 13 Terrorists Were Killed By Airstrikes In Afghanistan

At least 13 militants were killed in the last 24 hours by a government air strike in different militant densities in Afghanistan. Five of them expressed loyalty to the Islamic State (IS). It has been said in a statement from the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

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It said in the statement of the ministry that the Afghan Air Force launched an attack targeting militant dormitory that time. In this, 13 armed militants, including 5 members of the Islamic State Group, were killed. Khwaja Khil village, Barmal district of Paktika, Kora Kol village, Sayyad and Aksi village of Sal-e-Tal district and Kosh Tipa districts of Jojan province. It is said in the statement that the weapons and cars of the militants were destroyed during the operation.

Abdul Hafiz, the police chief of the province, said the attack was targeted by a militant's car from the aircraft. Immediately after the bomb attack in the car, they were set on fire. The five militants were killed in the incident. It is also said in the statement that the Afghan security forces are continuously campaigning against the militants in that country. The statement said that they would continue such operations in the future to stop these anti-terror activities.

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