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Teenager Arrested By Acid Attack In London

UK police arrested a teenager on Friday in suspected acid firing in eastern London. After the incident of acid attack on five in just one and a half hours, the police said that the suspect was arrested for the teenager. Many of the injured people were burnt to death. One condition is very critical.

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The Metropolitan Police might have links with the moped or small motorcycle hijacking.

At present, the suspect has been taken to London police station for interrogation. There was no formal charge against him.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said, "Police are cautious while raising the attack. I'm not sure if this is happening in London. This is not the case. But we warned Because the number of attacks is increasing.

Dick said the acid attack is totally barbarous. It is a terrible loss. The incident of Thursday's night appears to be related to some hijacking.

The number of people injured in acid attack in London was 261 in 2015.

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