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A Latter Comes Out From ATM!

A person went to the ATM booth to make money. Pin number tip. Write the amount of money too. Came out Then the withdrawal receipt is to be withdrawn. But instead of handwritten notes came out. Write help - Please help. I'm stuck here. I do not have a phone. Call my boss. '

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The incident comes from Bank of America's ATM booth in Corpus Christi City, Texas, USA. Last Wednesday The incident happened to a number of people. But they did not care.

According to the New York Times, a person told the police by taking care of the matter. Police rescued one person from the adjacent room at the ATM booth. He was trapped there for almost two hours. And the mobile phone was left in the car parked in front of the booth.

Police say that at first, they thought they were kidding. But when they reached the scene, they saw one trapped inside.

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