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First Time Face-To-Face meeting Putin And Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushes the back of the United States President Donald Trump They also had 'historic' shards in front of the first encounter. There was a lot of confusion about their relationship for a few months. After the presidential election in November last year, G-20 (Group of 20), which started in Hamburg, Germany, was the first to meet with their face.

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Before posting on German cabinets on Facebook, journalists hold the issue of the shaking of the two leaders. A telegraph video picture shows officials standing around a table. Trump put Putin's right hand and pressed his hand several times. Apart from this, Putin has been seen to put on his back several times.
The United States and Russian leaders say they want to put the relationship to the loss of the problem of Russian intervention during the US presidential election. Trump and Putin are seen to exchange cheerful hands in front of the meeting table. European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker was also present. After this meeting, the president of the two countries will have to discuss some of the controversial issues, for hours. This discussion, however, is not out of the scheduled G-20 negotiations.
Climate and trade issues are becoming increasingly important in the face of massive street protests in two days.
Trump-spouse First Lady Melanie could not leave the hotel in protest of protests.
The police are trying to stop the protesters. They are protesting from Trombay and Putin far away from the convention site. Before the start of the conference, the police clashed with protesters. Police say 76 people were injured in this. Three police officers were taken to the hospital. Several protesters were also injured.

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