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George Weah Son Is On The Way To Father

Timothy Weah is walking on the path shown by his father. He has been signed to play Paris Saint-German (P S G) on his way to the father. 17-year-old Timothy Liberian is the son of the son of George weah.
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There is nothing new to introduce to George Weah. African footballer to win in 1995. Three times in Africa, the 50-year-old player of the year is making his first appearance as a boy. On Monday, it was a great day for the father to play in PS G.
Timothy is born in the United States. Grow up there He played in Brooklyn in New York, played Queens also. Before coming to PS-G, Timothy played for Major League team New York Red Bulls.
Paris Saint-German has signed a three-year contract with Timothy to look like a father in body structure. On Monday, the PS-G introduced him to the press. The age is still very low, but the father of George spark in Timothy has seen one of the best clubs in France so this deal might be the reason. Timothy also played in PS-G Under-15 team.
George also played in PS-C apart from Monaco in Monaco Then became famous for PS-G and AC Milan.

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