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I am The President Of Modern Times Trump

US President Donald Trump rejected his criticism of using his social media. Trump said that he is not a conventional president Rather, a modern-day President.

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In the context of the debate about the two sessions sponsored by MSNBC, the Trump agreed to defend himself.

Last Saturday, Trump tweeted, "I use social media as a president of the time; As a modern-day president. '

Prior to this tweet earlier this week, Trump has tweeted about personal and indecent attacks by MSNBC presenter Mica Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. On Thursday morning, in two tweets, he ridiculed Mika Brzinsky first 'low intelligence'. Six minutes later, in another tweet, he commented that when he was seen in his private club for several months, then due to plastic surgery, blood was bleeding severely.

Trump is the first indecent comment of women's body and face, not so much. During the election campaign, he joked about the appearance of one of his rival, Carly Fiorina. Another rival, Ted Cruz's wife and wife, along with their wife, mocked and said that such a lady is not considered the first lady of America.

Representatives of Democrats, as well as Republicans, condemned these tweets. But the White House has been singing for him as usual. However, some of the supporters of the Trump have expressed concern about his tweet.

President Trump said on Saturday that social media facilitated direct communication with the public against the mainstream media. In fact, Trump has been calling media news regularly as a 'false news'.

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