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Lenovo Killer Note Will Be K8

Without releasing any data information, "KillerNote" is continuing publicizing with smartphones, Lenovo. As of late, the Chinese Smartphone maker has distributed another secret with the Smartphone, which demonstrates the name of the gadget. 

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On Twitter, mystery distributed a puzzling message on Lenovo A condition posted in the message. In the event that the arrangement of the condition is discovered 8 numbers. That implies Lenovo K6 Smartphone after the phone can discover the K8 phone. Aside from this, there are different sources that will be named on the web. In any case, there was no certain clarification about Lenovo's K7 which did not take the seventh name. 

As indicated by the bits of gossip and mysteries spread on the web, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 and 625 will have more capable processors than the new Smartphone. It is likewise heard that Lenovo's KillerNote Smartphone will be an agent. 

In the Smartphone showcase, as a Lenovo mark, it will undoubtedly stay firm. Lenovo declared this in May this year. The gathering director and CEO Yang Yaning told Reuters, the organization has intended to maintain its own smartphone business in Lenovo-Motorola Dual Brand procedure.

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