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Modi Hopes For Big Drone And Missile Deal With Israel

 Narendra Modi has left for Israel on a three-day 'historic' tour of India as the first Prime Minister of India for new agricultural technology as well as advanced technology for military modernization program.

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 After the Soviet Union and Russia, India is relying on Israeli weapons for military weapons. It is believed that Modi visit is to improve security and economic relations with this vital defense partner.

Two Defense Officers of India, on condition of anonymity, said that India made three missile agreements worth $ 2.6 billion with Israel from April last. India's air force is waiting for the clearance of two flightless radar purchases of $ 116 million Falcon from Israel. And the country's army is waiting for the approval of the purchase of anti-tank guided missiles, with a total of 321 launchers costing $ 500 million, as well as 8,356 explosive-destroying devastating weapons from Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense System.

India's Prime Minister Modi does not lease Israel-Palestine like the other heads of state in the same row. He did not have any scheduled to meet with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas in Ramallah.

Joshi, the Senior Research Fellow of Royal United Services Institute in London, said that India's Prime Minister Modi will want to provide improved missile and drone power during the visit to Israel.

According to international relations analysts, Israel's desire to build strong trade relations with India is no longer unpublished. Israel is hoping to gain support from the United Nations and other international forums on the basis of warm business relations.

Prior to the visit, Modi told a news agency that this visit will turn into a turning point in positive change about the two countries.

Diplomatic relations between India and Israel began on 25 years ago. The trade relations between the two countries beginning in 1992 started at $ 420 million last year.

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