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New Indian President Ramnath kovind Life Story

 Ramnath kovind is the new President of India The BJP has won 4 lakh 79 thousand 585 votes, which is 65 percent of the aggregate vote. After the including of votes the Parliament House and 11 states, authorities of the Election Commission said this data, as indicated by the NDTV report. 

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Ramnath Kobinda is the fourteenth President of India Prior to the declaration of the declaration, it has just begun at the home of Cobindo Parana close Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Ananda celebration. The vote occurred last Monday. The new president will take the pledge on 25 July. 

Returning Officer Anup Mishra said that the Congress-drove UPA hopeful, Mira Kumar, who lost to Cabins, got 2 lakh 4 thousand 594 votes. 

There is a distinction between the presidential race with the general decision. One vote cost is one in the general decision. Be that as it may, the cost of voters in the presidential race is resolved in a perplexing way. Individuals from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, who have 708 votes in favor of each of their votes, the cost of the votes of the individuals from the state get together is controlled by the state's aggregate seats and populace. Officials of Uttar Pradesh, the most noteworthy voting rates, 208 The least Sikkim and the administrators of Arunachal Pradesh, 8. This time the MPs voted in the green ticket. The merchants in the pink ticket. Individuals from the President designated in the Rajya Sabha can not take part in this decision. This year, 543 Loksabha and 233 individuals from the Rajya Sabha and the aggregate of 29 states in the nation and 4,020 administrators from the two union regions of Delhi and Panchurichi. 

At the point when every one of the voter's votes, the aggregate race cost of this decision is 10.88 thousand 903. Of these, votes added up to 5,49,408 MPs, 5 lakh 49 thousand 495 of the lawmakers 

Individuals of Dalit people group Ramnath is a rancher's child. He was conceived in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh in 1945. 

Ramnath was named Governor of Bihar on eighth August 2015. He moved on from the University of Kanpur with a Bachelor of Law in Trade and Law. In April 1994, the Dalit pioneer was an individual from Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh. He labored for a long time in two terms until 2006. 

Ramnath's legal advisor in a calling. From 1977 to 1979, he was a focal government legal counselor in the Delhi High Court. From 1980 until 1993, he filled in as the Standing Council of the Central Government in the Supreme Court. Till 1993, he made a request for a long time in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court. 

Ramnath was selected in Bar Council of Delhi in 1971. He filled in as an individual from a few imperative parliamentary advisory groups. Ramnath was a previous leader of the BJP unit of the Dalit people group, the BJP's Dalit Morcha. From 1998 to 2002 he held the post. Plus, he additionally filled in as President of All India Society. Alongside that, he was the national representative for the gathering. Ramnath has likewise acted as the best partner of Former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai.

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