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The New Island Is Awakening Near The Bermuda Triangle

Recently, a new island was born in the scientific field started a lot of brawls. A few days ago scientists discovered a new continent called "Jilandia". But this is not something like that, one of the reasons for the title, its location is only 150 feet away from the Bermuda Triangle.

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A new island is awakening on the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists have found a 'shell island' at Cape Point in North Carolina. The Bermuda Triangle is very close to the island since April the island has seen the tourists also. And the island has been raising a little more than a day since then.
Around one-mile-wide, half-moon land island has been named 'Shelley Island'. Bermuda Triangle has been banned from touring the island for quite some time, the island is banned. Experts say the island is extremely dangerous. There is a power wave around it. Lots of sharks and sting rays live on that island. Moreover, the possibility of the sinking of the island can not be ruled out in the intense stream.
The mysteries of the people about this particular region of the Atlantic Ocean In the story, the name of this region is called 'Evil Triangle'. It is said that many ships and aircraft have gone missing to the Bermuda Triangle. They did not have any search for it. All this disappearance-mystery has not been opened even today.

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