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The Explosion Is Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi Notes Four Hotsets have been caught in the fire. Not only that, the care of the fire in a Bangalore store in India has been caught in the camera.

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In the shared video from an account named the store seller is trying to install the SIM on the mobile and after the blast, the device is set to fire. It was not connected to any charger or accessory during the blast. Generally, there is an incident involving overheating or charging, but it seems to be a rare case. In this incident, the Samsung Galaxy Note Seven smartphone blasted the events related to the explosion.

In response to this incident, Shawumi India said that the security of the consumers was the highest priority for Xiaomi. We contacted the consumer and investigated the matter and examined the final matter. The customer has been given the new Shawumi Redmi Note 4 for that handset.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, but if there were any casualties when talking to someone on the phone then there would have been serious injuries.

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