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Three Square Market The first Company To Setup Microchips In The Hands

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The incident occurred two years ago. One hacker placed a small 'NFC chip' in his left hand. Through this, he used to hack various Android smartphones. Various security measures for different internet devices were broken.

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Within a year, some hackers used a small 'NFC chip' with Bitcoin Wallet Private key in the skin of his hand. So that he can buy anything at any time and send money to the bank account through the gesture of the hand.

These were the beginning. Now things are going to take shape. And this technology has been used by the US Wisconsin Marketing Solution Pvt., A company named Technology 'Three Square Market' or '32 M'.

Recently the company said they were going to put this microchip in their hands. And this is the first company to use Microchip technology for its employees.

It is known that through this microchip, the staff of the company can buy food, open doors, use photocopiers with computer labs. Apart from this, the staff can also use it for various activities of the organization.Todd Westby, chief executive officer of the company said that using this technology is a lot more possible. The 'Chip Party' was organized at the headquarters of 32M on August 1.

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