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US Warship Serious Provocation In South China Sea

China has reacted sharply to the position of US warships near the disputed island of the South China Sea. Beijing has described the incident as a 'serious political and military provocation'. In order to warn US warships, military ships and warships have already been sent to the region.

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According to the BBC report, USS Stethem US warship has passed through 12 nautical miles of Triton, part of the occupied Parasail island. On the other hand, according to a US official, the news agency AFP reported that USS Stethem has left at least 12 nautical miles of the controversial Triton Island. According to the United Nations system, only 12 nautical miles from the coast of an island can claim that the island is their own territory. As a result, China has no reason to complain about where the US warplanes are located. In fact, the United States has warned China for a long time on the island's demand. But China claims it is their sovereign right. But Taiwan and Vietnam are claiming ownership of the island.

The US warship has created fresh tensions between China and the United States in the South China Sea. China has warned that it can take any step to safeguard security and sovereignty by mentioning it as a serious political and military provocation. China's foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a statement given by China's official news agency Xinhua, Beijing has already sent military ships and warships to the region to warn US warships. As a result, it is feared that the two powerful countries can be tornadoes again.

China claims that almost all of the South China Sea is itself Other related countries also claim that the elk is the coral reef and the island's ownership. China has been building artificial islands and military installations in the region for several years.

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