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Won The Election Using Social Media Said Trump

US President Donald Trump said that he has won the 2016 presidential election using speech, interviews, and social media. In response to his negative comments on Twitter about the two TV presenters of the MS NBC, he said this in a Twitter post while highlighting the rationality of using his social media.

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In a tweet on Saturday, Trump said that my social media use is not like the president but it should be as it should be to the modern president. Earlier this week, an attacker posted on Twitter against Mika and Joe Scarborough, the host of MS NBC Morning Joe Show. In the first post, Morning Joe's female presenter Mika Brzezinski called the less intelligent woman and Joe Scarborough as 'psycho'. While Republicans and Democrats, both sides have been criticized for its criticism, the White House spokesman said that Joe and Mica deserve to be reprimanded for the President's strong criticism. Many would say that trump should be controlled by the use of social media.

But in a series of tweets made by the US president on Saturday, he said that due to social media, they have been able to connect with the people by passing the mainstream media. Like Trump, the mainstream media was called 'Fake News'. He said that the false and fraudulent media are trying to convince Republicans and others that I do not use social media. But remember, I have won the 2016 election, using interviews, speeches, and social media.

On Twitter, Donald Trump has 30 million followers. His 140-word limited posts have been criticized by both his Republican and Democrat politicians, despite having not stirred among his followers as before. In the New York Post last Friday, Donald Trump published an editorial of only three words to stop Twitter's activity.

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