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13 Dead In Car Bomb Attack In Afghanistan

At least 13 people were killed in an auto bomb assault in southern Afghanistan's Helmand area. Among the setbacks there are warriors and standard individuals. The assault was completed on Sunday by a military vehicle in Nawa area. As indicated by common authorities, this data was discharged on Monday in a BBC news give an account of Monday. 

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Reuters reports that there has been a monstrous battle with the Taliban as of late with the control of Naua in the core of the area. 

Afghan powers said that the battle between the two gatherings has been going ahead since they took control of Nawar in July. 

Helmand Governor's representative Omar Jawak said no less than nine individuals were harmed in the bomb assault almost a market in Nawar. The harmed were taken to the common capital of Lashkar Gahra Hospital. 

In any case, who has caused the assault, it is as yet not clear.

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