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312 People Are Dead Heavy Rainfall landslide In Sierra Leone

At least 300 people have been dead in surges and floods and mountain collapses in Sierra Leone. Many individuals are as yet looking for bodies covered under the avalanche, the mortuary is loaded with dead bodies in the free capital of the capital. 
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After an overnight surge, a segment of the mountain in the Regent territory was separated and covered under the grip of local people. Witnesses called this slope, the waterway Kheda. A dissection official said that 200 individuals were discovered dead in the city funeral home. As per the Red Cross, the loss of life expanded to 312 

Nonetheless, the real number of the dead is yet to be found. The loss of life could raise a considerable measure since individuals were snoozing in the slopes. More than 2,000 peoples were uprooted by the surge. Sierra Leone's Vice President Victor Foh said on the spot, expecting that more than 100 individuals are under the remains.

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