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The association with Russia has dropped to dangerous levels Trump

US President Donald Trump said that his nation has been "genuinely weakened" with Russia. In a tweet message on Thursday after another boycott was forced on Moscow, he made the remark. 

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In the interim, Russia has said that "new plug war" has been pronounced against Moscow by the US sanctions. PM Dmitry Medvedev said the boycott has "finished all expectations for the change of relations with the new organization of the United States." In a Facebook post, he composed that it totally offended Trump's "shortcoming" and Congress trump. 

In a message posted on Twitter on Thursday, Trump stated, "Our association with Russia has achieved the most exceedingly awful of all circumstances. You can express gratitude toward Congress. These same individuals did not permit our well being related laws. " 

However, Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton stated, "We have an awful association with Russia. Be that as it may, it is the blame of Vladimir Putin. " 

The BBC news said the trump was marked on Wednesday by the law to force new authorizes against Russia on Wednesday. Russia has forced a prohibition on Russia's association in the US decisions and the Crime of Crimea in 2014. Under the law, the United States is growing the assets forced on Iran and North Korea and additionally Russia. 

Prior this law was passed in the US House of Representatives and the Senate to force new authorizes on Russia. Yet, there was the question about whether the Trump would like to enhance relations with the Kremlin will sign the law. He called it 'flawed'.

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