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Once charged 480 Kilometers Will Run Tesla

Tesla will unveil electric trucks in the coming months The truck is capable of running 480 kilometers per charge. The electric car maker Tesla is making new trucks to compete commercially in truck markets.

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Tesla CEO Elon Mask promised to present the prototype of Tesla Semi truck next month. Tesla will not be limited to manufacturing luxury cars by leaving the market. Tesla is trying to stir the truck industry with the battery-powered fast-track truck. Diesel-powered trucks run 1,600 kilometers in one tank, Diesel.
Regarding the new truck, the company said that Tesla never opened the mouthpiece of new technology products. But news agency Reuters reported in a report that Tesla is trying to add the non-tech technology to the trail. Mask expects to build a new truck for the market. Mask said, 'Many are doubtful about the electric truck. But we are confident about this. "But the electric trucks from Diesel-powered trucks are shocked-and it is environmentally friendly. But according to battery researchers, the battery operated truck capable of running 300-400 miles will be expensive from the general diesel-powered truck.

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