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Jump From The Sky Naked With Playing Violin

Glen Donnelly, the city's artist in Copenhagen, Australia. He has as of late skydiving more than 15,000 feet. Be that as it may, shockingly, he played violin all the time descending from the sky. In spite of the fact that he didn't have the string on it. 
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He has additionally composed the name of Guinness World Records through this activity. In any case, that is precisely what he did, a portion of the Australian media educated him concerning this new choice. He said - He has settled on such an overcome choice to make individuals mindful. In any case, behind this, he additionally portrayed the stories of his past and past recollections. 

It is realized that he was experiencing physical issues since his youth. Furthermore, along these lines, he must be exploited by numerous unforgiving words and desire. In any case, Glenn was not ready to adapt to it. The melodic instrument picked by its lovely musings and psyches.
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