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North Korea Next Target Guam

After the launch of a missile over Japan, the US army installation "Guam" in the Pacific is said to be the following target: North Korea According to reports from the media, Kim Jong Un promised to dispatch more rockets in the Pacific area. The United Nations censured and undermined the United States, he vowed that the dispatch of the provocative rocket of his atomic power was just a 'phase station'. 
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Because of the North Korean atomic program, Pyongyang on Tuesday directed ballistic rocket tests for the mid-run Halogen-12. This influences the circumstance in the Korean Peninsula district to considerably additionally energizing. As indicated by Kim, North Korea's legitimate news organization KCNA said that Pyongyang will dispatch more ballistic rockets in future if necessary. 

In the interim, the UN Security Council denounced the dispatch of North Korea's rocket in an announcement consistently, saying, "This is not a major danger to all the part conditions of the United Nations, not just for this area."

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