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Russia attack with knife Injured 8

A person attacked and injured eight people by attacking a knife in the Russian city of Separate.  Today, sources in the nation's neighborhood security strengths affirmed the news. The aggressor was shot dead by police meanwhile. 

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The BBC news detailed that eight of the harmed were walkers. The man wounded one individual after the other in the city, cut him. State media said RIA Novosti said the harmed were taken to the healing center. The state of both of them is not kidding. 

The Russian investigative advisory group said the aggressor was executed. Be that as it may, the reason for the assault is as yet obscure. Referring to a nearby police drive, the News Agency said that the aggressor may have been rationally sick. 

A representative for the examination board of trustees told Reuters, he would not remark on whether it was a fear based oppressor assault. He called this occurrence 'death'. 

On the opposite side, Russia Today announced that the episode occurred at 11.20 am neighborhood time.

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