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Snap Chat Purchasing Selfie Drone

The picture sharing application Snapchat organization may get Snapdeal-based selfie drone creator Zero Robotics, Snapshot Company. Techcrunch reports that this securing might be finished in 150 to 200 million dollars. 

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Zero Robotics Hover Camera is extraordinarily known for the automaton. This automaton has been intended to make Ariel selfie. What's more, this automaton was uncovered in October 2016. What's more, it was valued at 500 USD. What's more, this automaton was sold through the Apple Store. 

This is not the principal association with Snapdragon with Snapdragon. Prior this year, Snap Control Mi Robotics Company purchased. Nonetheless, a New York Times report said that Snap is chipping away at its automation advancement, however now it is seen that the organization is searching for an automation specialist organization.

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