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China Dead Sea Is Now Pink

One side of the lake is green, another side is pink. Inquisitive to see the lakes, the travelers are rolling. The pool of salt water in Yunchen is known as 'The Dead Sea' or the Dead Sea. Interest visitors are running here in light of the fact that one side of the lake is currently holding pink hues. It is the world's third-biggest sodium sulfate interior lake. 

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The yellow shade of the Yunchen Salt Lake is a sort of green growth called Dunaliella Salina. As the green growth shading changes, the green shading on one side of the lake and the pink shading on the opposite side of the lake, because of adjustment of the shading. This data has been revealed in a news in Xinhua. 

Situated in Yunchen, China's Sanzhi area, the measure of the lake is 132 square kilometers. Longer to see two hues in the lake. Be that as it may, when it gets dry amid the winter the shading is lost. Different reports have been distributed in the most recent year because of a similar green growth that the water in the lake indicated red like red blood. 

As indicated by geologists, the formation of the lake five million years prior. It is anything but difficult to sit on the ground on account of its saltwater content. It is known as China's Dead Sea. Four thousand years back, the Chinese began utilizing the lake. The salt is created from this lake in workmanship.
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