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18 Million dollar watch!

A person bought a watch in New York on Friday at a price this price has been bought. The person did not want to reveal his identity.
BBC news reported that the watch, which was sold at a record price through the auction, was seen by the late Hollywood actor Paul Newman. Rockwell, the world's premier watchmaker, created the watch. Yesterday, the clock was sold at 18 million dollars Paul Newman gave that watch to his wife Joanne Woodward They worked together in the 1969 winning film. Newman died at the age of 83 in 2008.

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A person who bought the stainless steel ring in the auction took part in the auction. But the identity of the person was not revealed. The watch would be sold at such a price, it did not think the auctioneer organizers. The person who bought $ 10 million more than the expected price.The BBC report said that at the auction this hand sold a hand watch for the first time. In 2014, a clock made by Patek Philippe was sold for more than 24 million. It was pocket-clock.

Woodward bought Newman in that watch in 1984. Later Newman gave the clock to her daughter. Later, the watch was given to her daughter's boyfriend James Cox.
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