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50km Long Tunnel On The Moon Land!

Japan's scientists have discovered a 50-kilometer long tunnel on the Moon. They said they would be able to make the tunnel suitable for humans for a day. Before moving to the Moon in 1971, NASA scientists claimed that there was a large tunnel beneath the moon's soil. Volcanic eruptions are caused by volcanic eruptions and lumps of lava are formed across several miles.

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Scientists claim that many of these tunnels look like the Cayman lava tube on the island of Hawaii. But due to lack of documentary information, the matter did not go much further. Recently, Japan's Senegalological and Engineering Explorer (Selen) found this tunnel near Marius Hills. 30 miles or about 50 kilometers long and 330 feet wide this tunnel. The news agency AFP reported that it was thought to have been created 300 million years ago due to eruptions.
However, Junichi Hariyama, a scientist from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), told AFP, "We have found the place. But they are still not sure whether they are lava tubes. "He said," We still could not see the inside of the tunnel. Hopefully, many unknown information will come out if we can get inside. 'Besides, he also told that if this tunnel is truly worthy of shelter, then it will save astronauts from heat and radioactivity

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