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639 Pin From The Patient stomach

By operation, at least 639 nails have been removed from the patient's stomach, big, medium and small. The incident happened in Kolkata Medical College on Monday.

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Pradip Dhali (48) of Gobardanga area of ​​north 24 Parganas district was suffering from stomach ache. First show a local doctor. Then he was admitted to North 24 Pargna district hospital. He was shifted to Calcutta Medical College Hospital after physical condition deteriorated.
Calcutta Medical doctor Siddharth Biswas ordered the patient's stomach to be X-ray. But he was surprised to see X-ray report. See, there are rows of iron nails in the stomach of Pradipababu. Although he was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, he was treated on Monday morning. The surgery lasted for three hours. 639 nails were removed from the stomach.

Pradeep DU is now recovering after surgery. He has already been given a general bed. He must be admitted to hospital for 10 days.
 Responding to questions about how many nails were in his stomach, the family members said that they sometimes used to mix naphtha or occasionally nail lamps.

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