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7000 IS Militants Returned To The Country

After the catastrophe in Iraq and Syria, the militant outfits of the Islamic State (IS) 5,600 foreigners have returned to their own country. This is said in a report by the US-based research firm The Center. The organization said that in the last two years, 33 countries have returned to these militants.

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According to the report, these defenseless militants will be seen as a major security threat to these countries in the coming days.
IS announced their alleged caliph in June 2014. At that time, they came from different parts of the world in Iraq and Syria in their occupied territories. Last week, American-supported Syrian Kurds and Arab fighters announced their full control over the rock. Syria's Rakha was the capital of the so-called IS caliphate.
According to The Saufen Center report, since the end of 2015, the tendency to join the IS has come down from different countries of the world. From then on the IS began to lose in different battles. This change began as a result of effective action to prevent the inclusion of different countries.
Approximately 40 thousand members of 110 countries around the world come to Syria and Iraq to join the IS After the fall of cities like the rake, it is possible to recover at least 19,000 identities of these militants. But there is no known about the condition of these militants.
According to the estimates given by the Saffan Center, after the state of IS and Iraq's situation in Syria, 5,600 militants have returned to this country. Among them, 400 are in Russia, 760 in Saudi Arabia, 800 in Tunisia and 271 militants returning to France. In addition, some militants have returned to some other countries.
So far the estimates have been found, it is estimated that most members of Russia have joined the IS.

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