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Saudi Arabia is buying weapons from Russia

Two nations have marked arrangements for arms and vitality in the memorable 'Russia visit' of Saudi King Salman canister Abdul Aziz. The understanding was marked on Thursday by Saudi King Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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This is the primary visit of a Saudi state boss to Russia. Saudi Arabia and Russia are the world's biggest oil exporter. The two nations have taken an activity to examine collaboration on oil creation and fares. Moscow and Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian military industry, are quick to extend the OPEC arrangement to decrease the measure of oil extraction in the wake of worldwide oil costs fall. Russia has been at first contracted to purchase air ship resistance and hostile to tank rockets. The Russian media cited Russian daily paper Komsom as saying that Russia will supply the most present day air resistance S400 to Saudi Arabia. To this end, there has been a bargain on the $ 300 billion arrangement The last understanding will be marked after the World Trade Organization meeting in late October. In the event that arrangements are effective, there might be consent to purchase flying machines and helicopters in front. Aside from this, the speculation assention has been marked between the two nations. $ 100 billion will be put resources into the execution of the vitality venture. 
Reuters reports that Moscow and Riyadh have diverse positions on the Syrian common war and Iran issue. There is additionally the likelihood of exchange. Saudi Arabia needs Iran's collaboration on Iran's visit Announcements were set up in Arabic and Russian by welcome King Salman on the principle road of Moscow. Putin invited King Kelly in the Kremlin. The Russian president said in the meeting, "I trust that your visit to King Salman will assume a positive part in the improvement of respective relations." 

Lord Salman communicated trust that the two nations will work to keep the oil showcase steady and worldwide monetary development. 
Saudi Arabia has been the United States partner for a long time. Their military buys are additionally situated in the United States. Be that as it may, this time Saudi Arabia has marked a military buy manage Russian adversary Russia. Russia is one of the significant nations in Syria emergency. Moreover, the expansive condition of oil generation. The nation's part in oil costs is critical. Therefore, Riyadh has turned out to be keen on advancing relations with Moscow. 

1 thousand 500 sightseers 
Bloomberg reports that there are more than one and a half thousand friends with King Salman in the visit to Russia. There are likewise gold-mounted stairs and exceptional floor coverings. While leaving the airplane, he used to make the gold stairs constructed. At the point when the step separated, the 81-year-old lord was compelled to separate the stairs. Afterward, the police watch of the Russian police took him inside Moscow.

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