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The Names Of New Chinese Leaders Are Revealed

China's President Xi Jinping has announced the names of top leaders of the Politburo Standing Committee, without having any clear candidate for him. Prior to this, the tradition of keeping the successor of the President in Politburo has been seen.Five politicians have been named among the seven politicians who will play a major role in the country's policy-making phase. Xi and Li Keqiang are already in the team without these five. The rest will be Li Zhangshan, Wang Young, Wang Huning, Zhao Lezi and Han Zheng. The team members will be in the power center for the next 5 years.

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Meanwhile, there is no heir of Shi in this team, because the question has raised how he is going to manage the governance. The six who are in the committee are above 60 years of age. They are likely to retire in the next five years.

The absence of a young leader in the committee provoked speculation that Xi Jinping may be president for more than five years. In recent decades, many Chinese leaders took the initiative to establish their successors. In a speech to the ongoing Congress of Communist Party, Xi Jinping said that China is going to enter a new era of development.He said, we must be so that people think of imitation. Keeping in mind the formation of the party in the new era, we will be able to rebuild and develop ourselves. We must dedicate ourselves to Chinese characteristic socialism in the new era, and use their own wisdom and strength to the party and the country. '

The Standing Committee and the 25-member Politburo Committee were announced at the end of the Communist Party congress. Delegates who attended the congress held a meeting and elected the Central Committee. These, who figure in the number two hundred, usually meet twice a year. On Tuesday, a huge vote for Mr. Xi Jinping was included in his honor and name in a rare honor. At the stage of the founding of Mao Tse-Tung of China, it is now thought that the place of Xi Jinping.
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