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Catalan Leader On The Next Election Question

Spain's autonomous region, Catalonia, calls for the 'challenge' of the elections, the leader of the region Carlos He said he will keep 'respect' to the results of the election. But he questioned whether the central government of Spain would be able to respect the results of the election. He said this at a press briefing in Brussels on Tuesday. Spain's central government announces early elections in Catalonia on December 21.

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Meanwhile, Spain's court summons former Speaker of Catalonia's extradition.
Carlos Puzementon, Catalunya's deputy leader, passed on Monday in Brussels, Belgium. The next day, Carlos said, "I want a clear promise from the state (Spain). If the separatists gain the majority in the election, will the state respect the results? "At that time, he said that he did not go to Belgium to seek shelter.

After the declaration of Catalonia's independence last week, Carlos was present in a press conference with the leaders of his team in front of the public in Brussels yesterday. At this time, Carlos said that he did not escape the fear of arrest. He wants to talk independently, and for this reason, he left the country. He did not tell how long he would stay in Belgium, but he did not tell. He said he would return to the country if he received 'assurances' from the Spanish government.

Note that in the wake of the October 1 referendum on the question of independence from Spain, Catalonia's independence was announced on Friday. The Constituent Court of Spain rejected the declaration of independence soon after. Spain's chief prosecutor Jose Manuel Maza said on Monday that Puzeman was being accused of rebellion. In this, there are allegations of provoking and provoking regional officials against Spain authorities.
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