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Female Robot Got Saudi Arabia Citizenship

A few days ago, Saudi Arabia's future head President Mohammad canister Salman told a dream of taking the nation into a liberal and present day way. Saudi Arabia, known as the hardest Muslim nation, offered citizenship to a 'lady' robot. This is the first occasion when that the latest technology robot is given citizenship on earth. 

Today, the nation's capital Riyadh is authoritatively given the name of the name of the robot named Sofia. Specialist and business author Andrew Rus Sarkin reported the assertion of citizenship, "Sophia, I trust you hear it, we just realize that you have been given Saudi citizenship as your first robot." 

Reacting with appreciation, Sophia stated, "Thank you to Saudi Arabia. I am pleased and regarded to get this interesting honor. It kept on being a memorable minute since this was the first run through a robot got citizenship everywhere throughout the world. The oil-rich nation needs to begin the excursion on another time. 32-year-old youthful ruler Mohammad container Salman is watching innovation as the nation's primary speculation region. He additionally supported a slow change in the nation's political culture. Despite the fact that faultfinders say, the advantage or respect of Robot Sophia isn't accessible to numerous residents of the nation.

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