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The Deadly Fires In California Dead 11 Peoples

Due to the fierce fires, a large part of the wine area of the United States of California is burning. At least 11 people died in this. Due to the widespread wildfire in the wine area of California, nearly 15,000 houses and establishments have been destroyed. Officials said that it started spreading rapidly since the fires began. News CNN

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Twenty thousand people have already left their homes to live from the fire. Due to the rapid spread of wildfires, the Governor of California announced the state of emergency. It has been said in the announcement that many installations have been destroyed due to wildfires and thousands of homes are under threat. That is why thousands of people need to be removed elsewhere. Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Yuba County are burning in the fire. Among the dead, seven died in Santoma Rosa in Sonoma County, two in Naples, one died in Mendocino and Yuba County. Hundreds of people were injured in the hospital, injured in Napa and Sonoma County Most of the city of Santa Rosa has been destroyed. Hundreds of missing disappeared in Sonoma County On Monday night, 1 lakh 19 thousand 32 acres of land was destroyed in the fire.A resident said, he and his neighbors left the area in the car to live from the fire. The resident of Marian Williams said that the flame of such a great fire can never be seen. But it is not yet known how wildfire started. Due to the intensity and expansion of firefighters, firefighters are unable to complete their work. Getting more firefighting workers and equipment from other places in the state. Seeing the horrors of disasters, Governor Donald Trump went to Governor Jerry Brown. Janet, deputy director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said the launch of wildfires at local time on Sunday 10pm. With the dry weather, the storm winds in the storm winds of at least 50 miles per hour. It has spread in at least 15 regions. The smoky administration is still about the exact cause of the fire. The Governor has publicly acknowledged that the situation is beyond control. He said the fire was spreading fast. The situation is more complicated due to severe heat, due to the lack of moisture. But he has assured that all efforts are being made to control it

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