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First Time Ministers Meeting China And South Korea

For the first time in two years, China and South Korean defense chiefs discussed a security forum in the Philippines on Tuesday. The talks between the two countries occurred at a time when China has been opposing the establishment of US missile defense system in South Korea.

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However, the two countries agreed to reduce tensions with North Korea's nuclear program crisis. The details of the talks between Chinese Defense Minister Chen Yuanquan and South Korean Defense Minister San Ian Moore were not known at this meeting organized by ASEAN.

In discussions between the two leaders, the position of the US Defense Terminal High Detected Area Defense Anti-Michel deployment by Seoul was found. South Korea wants to deploy Thad missiles to counter the threat of North Korean missile attacks. China, on the other hand, considers it as its security threat. North Korea announced the deployment of Thad missile resistant 6 times for nuclear tests and more than 
one missile thrust.

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