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Two Parts Broke Out Due To The Battery Of The iPhone 8

After China, Taiwan, Japan, the iPhone 8 smartphone in the United States was found to have been split into two parts. Last week, Apple had asked to investigate such allegations. And in the United States, such complaints were found.
One of the best-selling activists in Social Media Radio said that a customer who had returned the battery cheeky iPhone 8 in his store. The poster posted the photo of the iPhone with the post. The media said on 12 October in a report. News of the news has been published for a few days on the iPhone 8 smartphone battery issue. It is said in the report that only a small number of iPhone 8 cases have been filed. Because millions of iPhones worldwide have been sold.

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Previously, China, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and Greece reported on the iPhone's battery shuffle. iPhone 8 Smartphone Battery Charges The first to be heard in Taiwan A Taiwanese customer claimed that the phone was split into the eighth time when the iPhone 8 Plus charging took place. However, Apple did not get any damage to the parts. However, the image of the company that has been created for years has caused some damage due to the incident.
The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus starts selling on September 22. Apple has not yet told how many units the phone has been sold worldwide. Watch more latest tech news

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