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IS Threat To Prince George!

Britain's child prince Prince George has threatened to kill militant organization Islamic State In a group of IS encrypted app telegrams, a picture was taken by Prince William and Kate Middleton's 4-year-old son's new school is written, school is going to be very soon.

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In the British throne, Prince Charles, George Prince is third in position after Prince William According to the British Daily Star news the investigator said that Thomas Battery started his primary schooling last month. In the telegram, the message posted on the popular IS channel in Arabic was written in Arabic, when the war will appear on the bullet's music, then we will jump on non-believers.

The IS Wire application is used because the message is encrypted and the user's location is hidden. British intelligence officials regularly monitor these apps. Prior to posting a video of a woman walking in Thomas Battersley School, the threat of Prince George was revealed. A woman was detained for a week after the theft. The London Metropolitan Police strengthened the security of Prince George after the arrest.
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